B Braun

Client-Pharma are proud to work with B Braun, providing industry leading medical devices, consumable and ancillary products to clinical trials

In conjunction with B Braun UK and in addition to a comprehensive catalogue of medical products, Client-Pharma are now also able to supply the Space Infusion Pack. The pack contains the necessary materials to infuse a patient in a single versatile kit.

The products incorporated within the Space Infusion Pack are standardised, guaranteeing compatibility, safety and consistency when dosing your patients; all of which are critical factors in a clinical trial environment. Full batch traceability for all components within the Infusion pack is assured, as well as full electronic instructions for use via a QR code within the kit.

The Space Infusion Pack contains a complete Infusion range to carry out IV infusions, including:

  • The Infusion Line, Infusomat® Space Line SafeSet®
  • Sterifix® 0.2 micron Filter
  • Vasofix® Safety, Safety Cannula
  • Tagaderm® IV Film Dressing

Using a dedicated kit with all of the correct components per patient reduces waste at each clinical trial site and ensures uniformity across all of your sites. Moreover, working with a partner such as Client-Pharma for ancillary items reduces the burden of complicated site re-imbursements and provides a single point of contact for all supplies.

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