Product Lifecycle Services

We provide solutions to ensure the clinical development process is as robust and efficient as possible throughout the entire life cycle.

Life Cycle 1 – From One Territory to Another Territory

During this life cycle, Client-Pharma can help you to licence an existing product from a less regulated market to a more regulated market, for example, the EU.

This pathway covers the MA in the country of origin, to registration/MA in the new location, to product launch and post-product launch activities.

At Client-Pharma, our expertise covers support for this life cycle in transferring an existing product to a new territory. Our in-depth knowledge of global pharmaceutical markets means we are your partner of choice in ensuring the highest level of support and experience in dealing with licensing a product in a different area.

Life Cycle 2 – From Development to Launch

This life cycle refers to when Client-Pharma can provide regulatory services to companies seeking to develop and licence a product within the EU.

The pathway along this cycle covers development, through registration to launch and post-launch activities.

We understand that clinical development is not always a simple pathway. Through our support and regulatory services, we ensure appropriate liason with regulatory authorities as well as prepare regulatory dossiers for the UK and Europe.

Life Cycle 3 – From Preclinical Trial Through all Stages to Launch

During this life cycle, our support covers each and every stage of the clinical trials process.

The pathway covers PI, PII and PIII trials through to commercial launch and P IV.

At Client-Pharma, we provide solutions to ensure your clinical trial management is as robust and efficient as possible throughout the entire clinical trial life cycle. Our extensive experience in managing clinical supply and procurement means we are the standard for best practice. This expertise makes us a long-term, trusted partner of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.