Client-Pharma complies with EU Guidance for Good Distribution Practice for Medicines for Human Use, 2013/C 343/01 and is licensed by the UK MHRA. You can be certain that we only deliver safe, genuine and efficacious products that your clients can use without question or risk to their health. With regulatory compliance our key focus throughout product selection, storage and logistics processes, you can rest assured that our pharmaceutical products are trustworthy and SAFE.

We work in a fully licensed and compliant framework that is independently regulated by the UK MHRA, an executive agency of the Department of Health, and is quality assured. We ensure that all of our products have full batch traceability and are supplied by approved, licenced sites only. This allows us to provide our customers a guarantee of safe and trustworthy products through our Pharmacovigilance programme.

MHRA – Wholesale Distribution Authorisation Certificate

MHRA – Certificate of GDP